Seven's - Victory of Serbia in Division B

Last 9th and 10th July, the European Seven's Division B was meeting in Riga (Latvia). Serbia is the winner of this competition.

Monaco is the only team that won (14-12) against the future winner, Serbia, in Riga (Latvia), last 9th and 10th July. After losing their first game, the Serbians will be able to remain undefeated for the rest of the tournament. Monaco will finished 7th.

In the final, Serbia won against the host, Latvia, by the score of 24-19. They are therefore promoted to Division A next year. The third place is for Hungary (17-5 against Greece) while Malta raise the Plate (19-14 vs. Bulgaria) and Bosnia & Herzegovina the Bowl (12-7 vs. Norway).

Next year, Switzerland and Croatia will also be playing in the Division B.